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2017 Anniversary Party A Warm Event!

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The 2017 Anniversary Party was an exciting afternoon filled with good company, good food, wonderful ambiance and fun entertainment. Again we filled the room with 30 party-goers. Thank you to all of the guests who came out to support Junoteam Second Anniversary Party on July 29th! We could not do this important event without your support.

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Best Ways For Effective Creative Brainstorming

Many people think brainstorming can only be done one way: an open discussion in a meeting room with everyone involved. This method is not necessarily wrong, but it can lead to some largely unrecognized social drawbacks that might contribute to an unproductive session. In this post, we will show you more solutions and we make sure that will give you more fresh ideas than a structured brainstorming session.

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Top 4 Sites To Order Beautiful And Unique App, Game Icons

Your app’s icon is a most powerful graphic. A stand-out icon can play a key role in your user acquisition strategy and should be a key consideration when you plan your app store optimization. That why we’ve collected 4 of the top sites for you to order the unique icon for your app. Definitely bookmark this sites, because it’s sure to become your go-to fave when finding icons for IOS/ Android, web or desktop applications/games.

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Why does your business need a professional website?

In the modern time, having a business is not just about selling your goods or services, it’s also about providing the information, value, and credibility to potential customers. Because the company’s website is very important so our blog today aims to show the 9 main reasons why your company should have one.

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