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12 Must-Ask Questions Before Designing An App Icon

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Before starting any project it’s really important to get the right information from your clients. This will help pave the way for a successful project, you won’t waste hours designing an app icon that doesn’t match what your client is looking for.

Below are 12 questions to ask your clients before starting app icon project. Feel free to use and share them.


1. What is your app name?
Sometimes you have to use the first letter of the app name to design the app icon symbol so it’s better to ask your client to decide the app name.

2. How would you describe your app?
You need to know well about their product, service, app functions to find the ideas.


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3. Is the app UI ready? Do you mind to send us some app UI screens?
It will help you get the app style (flat/ clean & clear/ vintage/ 3D or cartoonish) and also the color schemes.


4. Please send us the app color schemes.
If the app UI is not ready you need to ask about the color schemes, you can’t just design the app icon with 100 colors. You should suggest some colors that fit with the app functions.

For example: the nature app should go with green or blue color, not violet or black.


5. Why do you want a new app icon? (if they already have one) What do you want your new app icon to accomplish?
This question helps to understand the problem.

6. Who are your main competitors?
Having clients provide app or icon links allows you to get a better feel for their market and competition.

7. How are you different from your competitors?
You can focus on their different function to design the icon that makes users understand the difference of the app


8. What’s the age range of your target customer base?
Helps in creating an overall feeling and impression of the icon.

9. Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your logo?

10. What adjectives should best describe your icon?

11. What feeling or message do you want your icon to convey to the users?

12. What icons appeal to you and why?
It will help you to get your client style tastes


We also leave our clients with a field or extra room at the end where they can provide additional details and comments. Putting all the cards on the table is the first step to developing a plan, and once you’ve defined these questions, you’re one step closer to design a successful app icon. Feel free to add to the above questions in the comments.

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