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20 Cartoon Style Website Designs For Inspirations

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Most of us have watched cartoons at the childhood and even now, as we get older, cartoons don’t lose interesting. Web design is a creative art and that’s why cartoon elements can also be used for web design. 

Not just they look fun, at the same time they also attract more attention and less boring compared to other normal sites. Applying a character or a mascot into your website design is a good choice that will be remembered by your visitors. It’s an excellent method to help make your website look more friendly and cheerful. We have collected a few websites which will hopefully be a source of inspiration for your own future cartoon style website!


Lovely forest and trees parallax effect as you begin to scroll this page for the ‘Firewatch’ game by Campo Santo.


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Colorful parallax scrolling One Pager with a paper cut out theme for Flywheel’s new summer internship program. The responsive adaptation of the clothes-line pegs on mobile is really impressive! Cheers for the build notes looks like you all had so much fun making the Single Page site



Great looking landing page with an outer-space theme promoting ‘Big Deal Engine’ – a specialized system for the creation of e-Sports portals by Easy Rocket Studio. There is lots going on in the One Pager but executed well with awesome illustrations and infographics. Nice touch as well with the green meteors bouncing off the edge of the browser as you scroll down.



From what I understand, iStrategyLabs are hosting a meetup where you get to bring your work for a professional crit. The event will also be great for networking filled with geeks and beers. Anyways… there are some excellent features in this responsive one pager for the event. Parallax Scrolling stars in the universe, API integration with meetup.com to fill up the space-invaders sections of attendees and love how all this intergalactic action happens above the white house, ha, top job!



Long scrolling One Pager with beautifUl artworks and color schemes by Junoteam. We all had so much fun making the Single Page site



They make learning languages and vocababulary so full of joy and life, you’ll laugh out loud.





Deliciously simple language and culture learning in over 70 languages.



A Language teaching website by Junoteam. We were really enjoy created this site for a super nice client, she lets us be creative especially the country icon set





Mike is the artist & designer behind Creative Mints currently based in Czech Republic. Mike has been creating and in the business for the last 12 years. No more talking, just sit back and enjoy this sublime colorful collection of works. Simply amazing!



Freese Coffee Company brings us this beautiful One Pager illustrating the five essential rules for making better coffee. The One Page website comes to life with the use of Greensock and ScrollMagic creating vibrant animations as you scroll down. Lovely stuff. *update* Petr Tichy has deconstructed this build so we can learn how the magic happens.



Incredible one pager promoting the now sold-out ‘JSConf’ event to be held next week in Buenos Aires. The One Page website features an impressive intro animation followed by the event Agenda arranged in a speaker timeline. Notable features include an interactive game in the header, an off-canvas JS terminal where you can change elements in the page and a countdown timer until the event. There is a spectacular attention to detail throughout the page. Contender for One Pager of the year for sure.



Responsive one pager promoting ‘Hunger Crunch’ – a game brought to us by non-profit organization, Rice Bowls. When you dive a bit deeper into the copy and videos you discover that when you “top up” on game supplies/add-ons, the proceeds go toward feeding orphaned children. The one pager features such vibrant and well illustrated characters from the game including a comic section and an interactive hover-sensitive intro. I really love how they integrated the illustrated monster behind the huge group of kids, what a lovely touch.



‘Visionare’ is an upcoming application that claims to help you achieve your goals by drawing from the experience of people who have already achieved them. I seriously love this blend of flat design and texture. What a great intro animation as well – slick, vibrant and sums up all the categories in one image. Brilliant work by madeo from the Czech Republic.



Illustration filled colorful one page presenting the annual report of ‘CUPS’ – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families overcome poverty. Such a cool Easter Egg where the fish gets chomped by a bigger fish when you scroll back up the page. Lots of love went into this page and we loved what they said in the build notes below.



Awesome illustration filled one pager for UK voiceover and presenter, Pete Nottage. Some lovely CSS3 transitions and animations in here and surprisingly adapts to mobile quite well.



Beautifully designed One Pager promoting a new startup that delivers piñatas via drones. Make sure you watch the video too – hilarious and really well made.



Lots of love in this parallax scrolling One Pager for ‘Café Frida’ featuring a beautifully illustrated floral theme. The menu load transition is gorgeous and there are lots of little touches throughout – note how they took the time to custom color scheme the Google Map. Excellent work this by Pier-Luc Cossette.



Last but not least, we would like to introduce our own site 🙂 why not? Thanks for reading


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