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Why Do Designers Need to Sketch?

The biggest mistake is jumping into computer too fast, it’s obviously restricting if too much time is spent looking into a monitor without any idea. You can’t just hold a mouse for a few hours waiting for the magical things. By spending a short time sketching on paper you can save many hours on the …

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20 Cartoon Style Website Designs For Inspirations

Most of us have watched cartoons at the childhood and even now, as we get older, cartoons don’t lose interesting. Web design is a creative art and that’s why cartoon elements can also be used for web design.  Not just they look fun, at the same time they also attract more attention and less boring …

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Most talented Designers to follow on Dribbble

You’re new and don’t know where to find the inspiration, we suggest you to create an account on Dribbble and start to follow some famous Dribbble designers & agencies. For those of you still wondering what Dribbble is all about, you should know that it is a quite fascinating community of all sort of designers: graphic …

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12 Must-Ask Questions Before Designing An App Icon

Before starting any project it’s really important to get the right information from your clients. This will help pave the way for a successful project, you won’t waste hours designing an app icon that doesn’t match what your client is looking for. Below are 12 questions to ask your clients before starting app icon project. …

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Design a Successful App Icon in 11 Steps

As designers, we all know that app icon is a small figure representing an application program. However, designing an app icon is not just drawing the shapes inside a square. A desirable app icon should intuitively appeal to large consumers and briefly exhibits useful purpose of the app without words. In doing so, you need …

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