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How To Use And Customize The POSH WordPress Theme

At first, we only shared the POSH PSD Theme, which got many downloads and bunch of positive feedback from designers. Too many of them asked us to share the WordPress version with the guide blog post to customize/ edit it.

This post is written as a tutorial for the beginner of less experience of WordPress can do from the beginning so that you can customize on your own the site as wanted.

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You can: Free download here Live demo here

1. Posh theme Download and Installation

Setting up the hosting and domain is outside this tutorial. But you can read how to setup your WordPress core from this link: codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress

Download the POSH theme: The free POSH theme can be downloaded from GitHub 

On the top right menu, there is the button ‘Clone Or Download’:

Click on ‘Download ZIP’ to download the theme.

The downloaded file has name “wp_posh_theme-master.zip” is stored in Download folder. It is the POSH theme that we will use to install.

Theme installation:

Use the web browser to open the WordPress site that you want to use. In this tutorial, we use the demo site livedemo.junoteam.com to demonstrate the work.

First, login into your admin page http://[your_domain][/site_folder]/wp-admin

In this case, the link is: posh_theme/wp-admin

Navigate to the Appearance ->Theme, click ‘Add New’ Button, then press ‘Upload Theme’.

Choose the file that you just downloaded, and then press Install and Activate the POSH theme. Open new browser tab and browse the site again to see how it works livedemo.junoteam.com/posh_theme/

2. Customize your website

In section II, you know how to install and activate the POSH theme. But you never want your website has the same menu, the same images, text, etc.. of other websites. It is the reason why you need to know how to customize the display content.

To start, you first log in (if you already not) the site. When logged in, you will see the editing floating bar on the top of the website.

Instead of going to the Admin page, you can start to edit the site from this bar by click on ‘Customize’ navigation link

As you see, you can change or modify almost the item on the POSH theme, from the text and color of the Header to the others text or image items that are marked with ‘Blue Pencil’ on the page. Please notice that all the changes are applied on the fly.

For example, if you want to change the POSH Logo by another, or want to change the Title, highlight color of the Title, press the Edit button on the left of the ‘POSH logo’:

Even you can change the video link and representation image:

Or the contact information:

3. Do you want more support?

This free theme is about the beauty website and service. It allows you to customize the content and image to adapt your demand. If you want to get more help or some more demand, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or go to our website http://junoteam.com. Please subscribe our newsletters on Junoteam website to keep update our freebie sharing.

This POSH theme design by Ga Huy I Layout by Vui Le I Develop by Khoa Pham

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