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10 Free and Premium Halloween app icons

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Keeping up the Halloween spirit, today we have brought for you an extensive list of Halloween icon design for your upcoming project. Whether you are looking for spooky icons for your Halloween themed apps and games, we have designed almost everything and anything related to Halloween.

1 – Halloween Death APP icon

Death is an indispensable character in Halloween, which is why we nominated this one for the first icon. The icon is a great freebie from Junoteam 

Free download


Halloween is coming soon and on this occasion, why don’t you try this yummy baked skull cookies. I have just baked some delicious ones so let’s buy and taste.

Buy it for $5

3 – Halloween Pumpkin ZOOMBIE APP ICON APP 

Not just for Halloween, this app icon design is perfect for your zombie or scary game apps, it’s a freebie from Junoteam – an icon design company.

Free download


Learn how to cook witches’ soup with horror ingredients for a memorable halloween season.

Buy it for $5

5 – Halloween PUMPKIN Lanterns APP ICON

We’ve all been there. Halloween is nearing, and you decide that it’d be fun to create a jack-o’-lantern game to light up this occasion – so this icon is for you, good news, it’s a freebie from Junoteam – an icon design company.

Free download

6 – Halloween SCARY PUMPKIN Lanterns APP ICON

Your perfect carved pumpkin or Halloween jack-o’-lantern icon is here – grab it now!!!

Buy it for $15

7 – Monster eating Candy app icon

Super honored to have taken part in The Monster Project

Buy it for $25

8 – Monster licking Candy app icon

Yummy, supper delicious icon for your Halloween candy game

Buy it for $5

9 – Knight and Monster battle app icon

Are you looking for a battle icon for your upcoming Halloween game? This’s just perfect for yours

Buy it for $15

10 – Flat Candy Monster app icon

One more Monster app icon for you to choose

Buy it for $5

Thanks for reading!

Give your work a spine-tingling touch of the Halloween spirit by adding a zoombie, death, pumpkin, ghost or vampire. After all, creepy is the new quirky, at least around Halloween time. We look forward to some awesome Halloween apps and games from your end. And please make sure to share this post with your friends too, we would really appreciate it!

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