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Bedtime Fairy Tales – A special animation stories

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Many bedtime routines with little kids involve snuggling up and enjoying a good book. These days, scores of families are reading those good books on their iPads, iPhones, and smartphones via apps. Book apps encourage kids to participate in the adventures by tapping and swiping to move the story along. That’s a reason why we create this charming book app that is perfect for bedtime reading.
“Bedtime Fairy Tales” is a kid reading app with special animation stories for children which makes reading more fun and entertaining!
To make it even cooler, we’ve added beautiful melodies and wonderful moral for each story to help you raise your child by giving him or her only positive examples. Moreover, you can also make your own audiobooks! Children always love to listen to their parent’s voices. Just spend a few minutes to voice-over the story.
• Interesting animated characters and landscape
• “Read to Me” with different languages
• You can create audiobooks by recording your own voice!
• 10 exciting fairy tales so far and more to come
• Enchanting music accompanies
• Designed for children interface
• Safe and kid-friendly – protection from unintentional purchases
• The Lion and the Mosquito (FREE)
• The Fox and the Stork
• The Farmer and His Son
• The Donkey and the Lion
• The Fox and the Crow
• The Rabbit and the Turtle
• The Fox and the Grapes
• The Lion and the Mouse
• The Fox and the Goat
• The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf
• The Ants and the Grasshopper
• The Goose and the Golden Egg
• Cinderella
• Beauty and the Beast
• The Little Mermaid
• Little Red Riding Hood
This app is a great collection of high-quality short stories for kids with children’s stories and learning games for toddlers and preschoolers.
Magic moments with vivid illustrations, professional voice narration, interactive activities, amazing animations, colorful pictures, and beloved fairytales will delight kids and parents.
Feel the magic of a kids’ story by the perfect storytelling!
Best preschool learning app with interactive educational books to prepare boys and girls for kindergarten and first grade.
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We feel that children are a hugely important market for apps and one that is underprovided for. Many of us had smartphones in high school, but today’s children are learning to use electronic devices such as smartphones and iPads at the same time that they are learning about glue and crayons. If you were to quantify exactly how much time even very young children spend on devices, you might be surprised! The trouble is that while there are plenty of apps, especially mobile game apps and video sharing apps, that are appropriate for children, there are a limited number of apps that are completely accessible to very young children; especially if they are using the apps on their own without direct supervision.

Because children spend so much time on devices one way or another, we think that this type of app is absolutely necessary!


Junoapps is a team of six lovely people who are all passionate about creating quality e-products for children. We all come from very different backgrounds, which helps us to form a cohesive squad; each of us contributing a different set of knowledge and abilities to the whole. Aside from BEDTIME FAIRY TALES, our other recent projects KID’S COLORING is an app for young children that provides entertainment and creative stimulation at the same time as it provides practice with vocabulary words and with a wide range of important skills.


We feel it is important for there to be “quiet time” apps that are more akin to a crafts table than an arcade, where little ones can practice their fine motor skills in a pressure-free way while also learning about shapes and colors.

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Junoapps is a branch of Junoteam, a design company based in Vietnam. We create original logos, apps, and websites with a clean, cute, and modern aesthetic. We love to create fun art that kids will enjoy. We also release much of our content, including assets from Funny Chicken Journey, for free; with the idea that other app developers (especially budding developers who may not have a large asset library to work with) can use them to create their own original apps.


We will be continuing to develop and release more educational game apps for children.
For any technical issues, please email us at [email protected]

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