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Career Workshop: How To Become A Graphic Designer

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Nowaday, Graphic design is so essential to our life. It drives advertising and attracts people to the brands. Graphic design presents everywhere, it can be found on the website, branding, packaging, poster, book, magazine, etc.

Since graphic design plays a very important role, it motivates Junoteam to hold the workshop on the topic “How to become a graphic designer?”

The workshop content had 3 parts including speakers’ talk, mini-game, and Junoteam internship.

Firstly, speaker An Duong, CEO & Co-Founder of Junoteam , gave 3 topics regarding “What is graphic design?”, “The role of the graphic design”, and “How to become a graphic design?”

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Mr. Nguyen Doan, Creative Design Leader of Junoteam shared his experience on Logo design. In this workshop, the audiences had a chance to consult with Mr. Duc Bui, Specialist of Design and GUI programming of VNPT Hue about UI/UX design.

The workshop aims to figure out the overall picture in order to guide the undergraduates to prepare for the future career. During the workshop, we have received a lot of interesting questions in an atmosphere of friendship.

Secondly, we held the 4 questions mini game including “What is the difference between CMYK and RGB colors?”, “What is the Golden Ratio?”, “Who is the Chief Designer of Apple?”, “What is the other name of MonaLisa painting?”. Surprisingly, the participants could easily answer all the questions. We were pleased to give the Dot grid books for one who correctly answered.  The result reflected what we had expected, people are interested in this field.  

This is the video recorded in the workshop

Finally, for the frequent question “How to apply for the internship in Junoteam?”, we prepared 2 rounds assignment to find out the young talents trained to work on the future projects.

The results we received in the first round and second round after 20 days.

Besides the main purpose sharing experiences to the community, we also want to find new factors to develop quality members to serve the growing demands of our clients. This is the premise for Junoteam organizes more workshops in 2017.

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