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Cupucolor – Creative and educational children’s coloring game

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Cupulor is a new app for young children that provides entertainment and creative stimulation at the same time as it provides practice with vocabulary words and with a wide range of important skills.

Any child is familiar with craft activities like coloring in coloring books, cutting out shapes, and putting together puzzles. Cupucolor combines these familiar activities in one portable game! In Cupucolor, children use their fingers to cut out, color in, and puzzle together a series of 160 cute, child-friendly pictures (such as a cartoon pig, cactus, or pudding cup). Once they complete each picture, a vocabulary word appears (for example, “octopus”).

Motor Skills

When cutting using physical scissors, a child learns gradually to use their whole hand to guide the scissor, training their coordination and three-dimensional perception.

Cupucolor trains their coordination in an entirely different way. To cut out shapes in Cupucolor, a child follows a dotted line with their finger, honing their fine motor skills and exactness; skills that are increasingly important in a world that is becoming more and more digitally oriented.

If a child practices cutting out shapes using both physical scissors and Cupucolor, it can help them to develop well-rounded motor skills for a wider range of tasks.

Logic Skills

The combination of disparate tasks (cutting, puzzling together, coloring, reading) into one game is designed not only to help children’s motor skills and word recognition, but also the development of their logic skills. As a child completes each picture, they will learn what order to do the tasks in, and gain an understanding of why the order in which tasks are done is important (why puzzle together the pieces before coloring them in? and so on).

Each picture is designed to break into enough parts to be just the right level of challenging. The pieces are simple enough that even very young children will not become frustrated, but not so simple that they are not honing their logic skills as they complete the puzzle (the child must ask him or herself, what does this look like? Is it an animal, a plant, or an object? What does the animal/plant/object look as though it is missing? Which of the remaining shapes might go there, and why? and so on).


Language Skills

When each picture is completed, a word will appear under the picture and the app will read the word aloud; making Cupucolor essentially an interactive picture book. If a child is already starting to read on their own, the words will give them the opportunity to practice their phonics skills. They already know what the word is, so they will know if they are sounding the letters out correctly. If a child is not yet ready to read on their own, parents can jump in and assist. Because there is a lot of busy work in between each word’s appearance, Cupucolor can serve as engaging phonics and reading practice even for children that are resistant to reading.

Also, because children using the app are doing these tasks as they are studying vocabulary words, their memory of the words will have highly visual and tactile elements and thus be unlikely to be forgotten.

We truly appreciate Bryan and Aimee’s support to Cupucolor.

After finishing each picture, children can save the picture in a digital album. They can also print it out to put in a real album, or hang it up to decorate their room. By printing out and hanging up their pictures, children using the app can get extra practice with their new vocabulary words!

Why Focus on Kids’ Apps and Games?

We feel that children are a hugely important market for apps, and one that is underprovided for. Many of us had smartphones in high school, but today’s children are learning to use electronic devices such as smartphones and iPads at the same time that they are learning about glue and crayons. If you were to quantify exactly how much time even very young children spend on devices, you might be surprised! The trouble is that while there are plenty of apps, especially mobile game apps and video sharing apps, that are appropriate for children, there are a limited number of apps that are completely accessible to very young children; especially if they are using the apps on their own without direct supervision.

Many mobile game apps, even apps we think of as being purely for entertainment such as Angry Birds, hone the very same skills that Cupucolor does – puzzle solving, motor skills, reading, and so on. However, for small children, those apps can be over-stimulating and frustrating; especially if they are watching an older sibling play with ease.

We feel it is important for there to be “quiet time” apps that are more akin to a crafts table than an arcade, where little ones can practice their fine motor skills in a pressure-free way while also learning about shapes and colors.

Because children spend so much time on devices one way or another, we think that this type of app is absolutely necessary!

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About Junoapps

Junoapps is a team of eight lovely people who are all passionate about creating quality e-products for children. We all come from very different backgrounds, which helps us to form a cohesive squad; each of us contributing a different set of knowledge and abilities to the whole. Aside from Cupucolor, our other recent projects include the free tap-to-steer mobile game Funny Chicken Journey, which is available for both iPhone and Android.

Junoapps is a branch of Junoteam, a design company based in Vietnam. We create original logos, apps, and websites with a clean, cute, and modern aesthetic. We love to create fun art that kids will enjoy. We also release much of our content, including assets from Funny Chicken Journey, for free; with the idea that other app developers (especially budding developers who may not have a large asset library to work with) can use them to create their own original apps.

Junoapps’ Future Plans

We will be continuing to develop and release more educational game apps for children.

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