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Pricing Table Is Now Available On Junoteam Website

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At first, Junoteam web mainly to show the portfolio and company’s information so the customers who want to order our services need to contact us via Email or Skype for the project quotes.

In the meantime, the customers don’t know how much and how long the project takes. The quoting process is not only time-consuming but also easily flawed and does not fully meet the customer’s demands. To make thing easier, from Jan 2017, Junoteam decide to add more web features: the pricing table and the questions list.

On the pricing table, the customers can choose the services that they need with no trouble: Logo design, Application design or Web design, and development.

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After choosing the service, the customers can see clearly the package service and the correct price with three plans. Supplying the price helps the customers compare between the services which fit their needs. The price also helps the customers easily find the services fit their budget and make the right choice.

The service packages or PRICING TABLE shows the clear price range and equality for all customers, no matter small company or big company, they will pay an equal price for a quality design/web product depending on their service plan.

Thanks to the questions list, the customers can effortlessly find the service that they need, the information that they must give for Junoteam and the price that they will pay without any difficulty.

Having a more clear look at our services and easy to approach the demands, customers now can access the PRICING TABLE on Junoteam website and we hope it will give the desire helping and satisfying what customers need.

Please take a look on Junoteam pricing table page: http://junoteam.com

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