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How to Create a Cute Monster Mascot in Adobe illustrator

Mascots are images, usually personified, which in most cases represent the brand, product or service identity and therefore become its symbolic convention via all the application or website as well as the branded items and promotional activities.


Kawaii mascots design by Junoteam.

Mascot becomes the element of identity and inter-connector between the user and the product. In many cases, mascot is the basic element of communication and interaction. Therefore, in different states, it is a way to deliver the message to the user.


Cute monster mascot design by An Duong from Junoteam.

Today, we would like to show you the monster mascot design process. In the following steps, you will learn how to create a detailed monster character in Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial, We are going to show you how to make a cute monster character in Adobe Illustrator using basic shapes, Pen tool, Pathfinder panel, Width Tool, and Strokes. You will be able to apply these techniques to create other characters. Let’s get started!

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Step 1:  Start Sketching the Monster From Scratch

We’ve prepared before starting our work in Adobe Illustrator by making this pencil sketch on dot grid paper. You can use our sketch for practice, or go ahead and create your own fancy monster! Follow this tutorial as a sample guide, learning some techniques that you can apply to your drawing. You don’t want to mess-up your monster, right? so let play around with paper and pencil before moving to the computer.


Step 2: Create the body of the monster

Hit Command N to create a new document. Select Pixels from the Units drop-down menu, enter 500 px in the width and height boxes and then click on the Advanced button. Select RGB, Screen (72 ppi), named the design “Cute_monster_mascot” then click OK. You can check an image bellow for reference.


In the Layers panel, create two layers. The top layer is renamed “Mascot” or “Monster” and the bottom layer is renamed “Background.” Lock the bottom layer.


Select the top layer “Mascot”. We are going to create the body shape now. Select the Ellipse Tool (L) and click anywhere on the board. Enter width: 300px and height: 300px. Fill with green (#A9CE1A).


Using the Direct Selection Tool (A) to edit the anchor points. Make it looks like this.


Select the body and outline it with Stroke Weight (4pt) and click Round Cap and Round Join (it’s better to apply Round Cap and Round Join for all of the strokes). We picked a dark grey color (#303030).


Step 3: Create Two Striped Horns

Go on and add a pair of quirky horns! Make a simple pointed shape out of a circle, as we did for his face and body. Fill with brown (#C45330), then go to Effect > Warp > Arc and set the Bend value to about -16%, Vertical.


Apply another effect to the same shape but this time, it should be Arch Style with –22% Bend value, Vertical. You can apply as many effects as you like and then edit every applied effect in your Appearance Panel by clicking on it. When you are satisfied with the result, go to Object > Expand Appearance to create a new shape.


Apply the shadow to the horn, make sure that your horn shape is selected and make two copies in front Command C > Command F > Command F. Select the top copy and move it 10 px up and 10 px to the right. Reselect both copies made in this step and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel.


And this’s the horn result.


Let’s also add some details to the horns. With the Pen Tool (P), a darker brown color (#5B2913), draw some stripes then make a copy of the horn shape in front. Select a copy horn shape send it to the front (Command Shift ]) then select that horn and the stripes, click Crop button from the Pathfinder panel to cut off the unwanted pieces.



Again, Command C > Command F the horn shape, apply the stroke (4pt) without color fill and move the stroke to the front (Command ]) so this way the stroke covers the shadow and the stripes. Select all and group them together (Command G).



Next, apply the horn to our monster then Command C > Command F, pick a copy horn and go to Object > Transform > Reflect. Reflect in the VerticalShift-drag it to the left side. Group (Command G) both horns and send them to the back (Command [)



Step 4: Create a Quick Hairstyle to Your Monster

Using the Pen Tool (P), draw out the hair with a yellow (#F2CF2E). Draw the left “leaf” shape first. Continue to draw the second and third leaf shapes then close the path. Send the hair to the back (Command [)


Step 05: Give Your Monster the Simple Legs and Arms

Using the pen tool (P) to draw the left leg with Stroke Weight (4pt) and click Round Cap, Round Join and a dark gray color (#303030). Then Command C > Command F, pick a copy leg and go to Object > Transform > Reflect. Reflect in the VerticalShift-drag it to the right side.



Select the body and two legs and in the Pathfinder, click Unite.


Humm, our monster legs look empty, why shouldn’t we apply some nails? let’s do it, add three ellipses of different sizes with yellow color fill (#F3C200) and stroke (2pt), select all and click Unite button from the Pathfinder panel to combined the ellipses.


Command C > Command F the body shape, select a body copy and the nails then click the Intersect button from the Pathfinder panel.


Command C > Command F the right nails, pick a copy and go to Object > Transform > Reflect. Reflect in the VerticalShift-drag it to the right side.


Let’s give it some arms. We will use the Pen Tool (P) and Width Tool (Shift W) to do this. Start off by drawing a simple curved line with the Pen Tool (P) as shown below. Give it a Green Stroke (#A9CE1A) with 3pt Weight and Round Cap. With the line selected, choose the Width Tool (Shift W), just play with the tool until you satisfy with the arm shape.


Apply the left arm to the body then turn it into a shape by selecting the line and go to Object > Path > Outline StrokeCommand C > Command F the left arm, pick a copy arm and go to Object > Transform > Reflect then we have the right arm.


Ta da, our monster arms look like this.


Step 5: Create an eye with the glasses

Using the Ellipse Tool (L), create a circle shape, make it white and place it as shown in the image bellow. Make sure that the resulting shape is selected and make a copy in front Command C > Command F > Command F to create the shadow. Select the top copy and move it 6 px up. Reselect both copies made in this step and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel. Fill the resulting shape with a light gray color (#F4F4F4)


Don’t forget to add a stroke, Command C > Command F , apply the stroke (2pt) without color fill and move the stroke to the front (Command ]) so the stroke will cover the eye and shadow.


Ok, let’s move forward to complete an eye by creating these ellipses with brown (#3B2721), darker brown (#1E1210) and the smallest one with white color.


Add an eyeglass by grabbing the Ellipse Tool (L), set the Fill color to None and the Stroke (8pt) to create an outline circle shape. Then use the pen tool (P) to create the arms of an eyeglass. Select the outline circle and two arms and go to Object > Path > Outline Stroke.


Let’s add a light reflection. Create 3 rectangles with white color and group them (Command G), then go to Object > Transform > Shear with Shear Angle is 15 like an image bellow.


Create an ellipse with any color, place it above 3 rectangles then go to Object > Clipping Mask > Make, now we have a perfect lens.


Set the lens 20% opacity and apply it into the glasses, send it backward (Command [)



Step 6: Now we need to add a smiling mouth

Create an ellipse using the Ellipse Tool (L), fill the resulting shape with a green color (#708A0A) and make a copy in front Command C > Command F, move the upper copy up a bit. Select both circle shapes and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel.


Next, we need to create the fangs. Create an ellipse using the Ellipse Tool (L) fill with white color then using the Direct Selection Tool (A) to edit the anchor points. Make a larger rectangle using the Rectangle Tool (M) and place it over the top of the ellipse. Select both shapes, and in the Pathfinder, hit Minus Front.

Command C > Command F to make another fang, pick a copy and go to Object > Transform > Reflect. Rotate the fangs and place them bellow (Command [) a milling mouth.


Ok, let’s add the mouth with fangs on our monster, making a friendly face. This’s a result, looks kawaii!


Step 7: Make the monster furrier

Create an ellipse using the Ellipse Tool (L) then using the Direct Selection Tool (A) to edit the anchor points, fill gradient color with a green (#A9CE1A) and a lighter green (#B9E218) set it 90° and 80% opacity.




Add fur all over the monster’s body, according to the sketch or be creative.


Step 8: Add the shadows on some areas

Start with the hair shadow, create the shadow like we did earlier for the horns. Fill the bottom hair layer with a darker yellow color (#E0BC27), make two copies of the hair in front Command C > Command F > Command F


Select the top copy and move down a bit. Reselect both copies and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel.


Using the Direct Selection Tool (A) to edit the anchor points until you have the perfect hair shadow. Don’t forget to send it backward (Command [)


Add the shadows under an eyeglass, thus separating them from the body. With the Pen Tool (P), draw the shape like an image bellow, fill with a dark green color (#A5BC1D). Do the same with the second one on the right side.


With the bottom, create two ellipses and select both then click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel.


Command [ to send it backward of an eyeglass.


Do the same thing with the right and left arm.


The monster is almost complete! Add a shadow (#BFCE91) by making an ellipse. Place it behind everything with (Command Shift [ ) and at the bottom. We should group (Command G) all the elements.


Awesome! You’ve successfully managed to create your own monster mascot! You can now create a variety of monsters using all the techniques you learned in this tutorial. We hope you enjoyed making this cute monster.


You can download this cute monster vector file by clicking on “download” button below. We all hope to see your cute monster so drop us a message with your monster. Have fun and continue creating art!

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